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The Ashtabula Soccer Association is a recreational soccer league for the youth residing in the city of Ashtabula and its surrounding communities in Ashtabula County, Ohio.

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We are looking forward to a great season!



The Ashtabula Soccer Association (ASA), Conneaut Local Youth Organization (CLYO) Soccer League, and the Ashtabula County Soccer Officials Association announce the introduction of the “SILENT MATCH” program of Fair Play and Sportsmanship to area Players, Coaches, and Spectators.

The inaugural “SILENT MATCHES” will be in Memory of Ricardo Potillo of Salt Lake City UT, slain while Officiating a recreational youth match in Utah in May 2013, and John Bieniewicz of Westland, MI, slain while Officiating a recreational adult match in Michigan last month.

Silent Matches in the Ashtabula Soccer Association will be played at Edgewood Senior High School on Wednesday July 23rd only.

Silent Matches in the CLYO Soccer League will be announced soon.

All area soccer fans are encouraged to attend for an enjoyable, QUIET evening of youth soccer.

It takes all of us working together to ensure that the Soccer Pitches of Ashtabula County are safe for ALL Players, Coaches, Spectators, and Officials.

For the second time in 14 months in the United States, a Recreational Soccer Official has died at the hands of Player violence during a RECREATIONAL Match.

Incidents of violence involving Spectators, Players, Coaches and Officials at Soccer Pitches in the United States are increasing at an alarming rate.

The Silent Match Program originated in the Northern Ohio Girls Soccer League in 1999.  It has since grown to include Youth Recreational Leagues across the United States and been adopted by Youth Leagues in the other major sports.

ACSOA feels now is the time for this important program to reach Ashtabula County Recreational League Players, Coaches, and Spectators to stem the rising tide of violence in Recreational Soccer.

During a "Silent Match" all present are asked to reinforce the concepts of Fair Play and Sportsmanship by voluntarily remaining silent.

Spectators:  Avoid comments that can be heard by the Players, Opponents, or Referees.  When a goal is scored please subdue your reaction to a low-key response.

Coaches:  Please limit your coaching instructions to a minimum, shouting out tactical instructions only when absolutely necessary.  For this day, let your players make their own decisions.  Speak privately to individual players on the sidelines.  Where possible communicate to the pitch through substitutions.

The Players are to enjoy the freedom and play.  They are encouraged to talk to, coach, and encourage each other while playing. Players show all present their knowledge and skill while the Players play soccer, and everyone else present quietly watches.

Any questions can be directed to Kevin Meier, Secretary, Ashtabula County Soccer Officials Association.

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